Health Screening & Wellness Check-ups - Care1 (HCMC)
In Ho Chi Minh City, Care 1 Executive Health Care Center in the Manor is the main facility for health screening and wellness check-ups.
To fit into your busy life, Care 1 offers one stop service  - modern, comprehensive healthcare services and state-of the-art facilities all in one place. 
Various screening services are available for:
  • Cancer screening which include lung, breast, colon, prostrate, cervical and many other cancers.  
  • Wellness checks with appropriate protocols for age and gender
  • General health screening
  • Pre-employment health screening
  • Annual health check-ups
  • Immigration health screening for Visa requirements
  • School enrolment check-ups**
  • Adoption screening**
  • Domestic staff screening
  • Occupational health consultancy and surveys
 ** will be arranged by pediatric specialists at Diamond Plaza and District 2 clinics only.   

Care1 has some of the newest and most progressive diagnostic tools and tests to offer our patients a comprehensive services, some of these include: 
  • Specialised cancer testing
  • Physical examinations by General Practitioners and Specialists
  • Patient history assessments
  • Laboratory testing, including tumor markers
  • General X-ray 
  • Ultrasonography (3D/4D) 
  • Mammography
  • 64-slices CT scanner (at Diamond Plaza)   
  • Bone densitometry and BMI
  • Gastroenterology assessments* by a specialist  

- Gastroscopy

- Colonoscopy

  • Cardiac Assessments & Consultations by a specialist 

- Electrocardiogram (ECG)

- 24-hour Ambulatory monitoring (Holter)
- 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring
- Echocardiography with colour doppler
- Exercise Stress Testing
- Carotid Artery Ultrasound Scanning and Intima-media Thickness Measurement (CIMT)
- Non Invasive Cardiac Bioimpedance
- Apo B - A new test offering greater precision in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
- 64-slices CT scanner* (at Diamond Plaza) 

  • Gynecology Consultations by a female specialist

- PAP smear

- ThinPrep Pap test

- Breast examination   

  • Pulmonary function testing 
*External referral, transportation options available
For full details about all of health screening packages, please follow the links below:


The Manor 1, 91 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel:           +84 8 3514 0757
Fax:          +84 8 3514 0758