Medical Health Talks

Family Medical Practice conducts a broad range of specialized health talks on a number of various topics for individuals and groups. The information delivered can be adapted to suit the particular needs of target audiences, including schools, staff, home help, and parents seeking to learn more about how to protect the health of their families.

Health Talk Topics

We deliver presentations that can cover issues in general health, women’s health, pediatric care, STIs, diet & nutrition, fitness & exercise, and stress management, among many others. Sample topics that have been well-received in the past include:

Women’s Health on Fertility and CancerA basic understanding of women’s health and fertility issues including breast, ovarian and cervical cancer, as well as HPV vaccinations.
Cardiovascular RiskUnderstanding risks and prevention.
Diabetes and CholesterolUnderstanding blood cholesterol and how to lower the risks of heart disease through dietary means.
Managing HypertensionDiagnosis, prevention, and treatment.
Making your Child SmarterA pediatric approach to stimulating childhood intelligence.
CPR & First Aid AwarenessLearning techniques to help you react to medical emergencies and perhaps even save a life.
Travel and HealthKnow the risks and protect your health and wellbeing while traveling domestically and abroad.
Pediatric Respiratory DiseaseAsthma, anaphylaxis and allergies.
Primary School TopicsStaying healthy, the body’s systems, water, plants in medicine, health and nutrition.
Allergies and AnaphylaxisWhat allergies are and how to recognize and deal with an allergic reaction.
VaccinationsThe importance of vaccines and which vaccination schedule to follow—and why.
Healthy Living for StudentsPhysical activity, sleep, managing stress, and managing mental health.
Fever in ChildrenWhat to worry about and what NOT to worry about when your child has a fever.


Family Medical Practice’s health talks are conducted by some of our most experienced and personable doctors on staff. These talks are well-presented, highly engaging, and supported by credible medical information to provide effective and useful instruction.

Popular presenters on our staff include:

Dr. Christopher M. Suazon

General Practitioner, Danang Medical Director

Having worked in general practice for 17 years—almost a decade of those with Family Medical Practice—Dr. Chris takes crucial responsibility for primary health before patients move on to varied specialists as required.

Dr. Hazel Gallardo-Paez

Family and Community Medicine

Dr. Hazel’s medical expertise addresses a diversity of challenges and treatments, based on her extensive Pediatrics training in a tertiary hospital and her subsequent experiences handling pediatric patients under a variety of healthcare frameworks (including emergency departments, outpatient departments, pediatric wards and acute neonatal care).

Dr. Elvie Joy Atanque-Basa


Dr. Elvie has accumulated wide experience as a general practitioner and pediatrician in the decade since graduating from the University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine in Cebu, before which she was already a licensed pharmacist.

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