Patient Testimonials




Doctors, nurses, assistant, atmosphere cannot complain, they care by heart, sympathize, try to make fun so that comfort pateint. I'm trust them.



Family Medical Practice - the best service a foreigner in Vietnam can receive!

Good work FMP



Both me and my girlfriend needed to use this while in Vietnam me for being ill and my girlfriend for being hit by a car. For me Dr. Masato went above and beyond to try find what was wrong as we were miving on to Cambodia and I am now better. The staff really went beyond their duty, sorting out emergency extension visas for us so that we didn't have to move on in such a bad state, and even paying for food out of their own pocket until I managed to get to a cash point to repay them. Excellent staff all of whom speak perfect english amongst other languages.



Quick, efficient, fabulous service. Couldn’t recommend higher.



Pricy otherwise fantastic clinic of international standards!! Very attentive and professional staff. Would definitely recommend if you are insured!! a tourist.




This facility is perfect for my health needs. Easy to get to from my residence, English speaking staff is extremely helpful & my cardiologist, Dr. Guillaumme is very professional & understanding.


I am writing to let you know that. I arrived home safely yesterday and I would like to sincerely thank you for your very professional care and treatment during my stay in your hospital. The nursing staff and your personal treatment were 1st class and I wish to convey my heartfelt appreciation, thank you so much, William.



I highly recommend Family Medical Practice! My wife and I are travelling and she sought care for neck pain. They were able to get us in immediately. Everyone from the reception, to the nurses, to the doctors (We saw Dr. Pedro and Dr. Guillaumo) was so friendly, caring and helpful. We are now able to continue our travels with peace of mind. This is the place to go in HCMC if you need medical care!



Woke up day two in Saigon. Not being able to swallow. Terrible predicament in a town full of delicious foods. Walked in at 7:15 am. Filled out forms. They informed me doctor would see me at 8:20. Sat across the street in great coffee shop. Back to office at 8. Medical Assistants took vitals. Chatted with Dr. Thinh. He ordered swabs. They tested them in onsite Lab. 30min wait. Results. Strep Throat. Got meds from onsite pharmacy. back at hotel by 9:30. IN and OUT about 2hours. Amazing. Trip back on track!!!



The family and I have been into see Family Medical Practice a few times now and it has been a good experience. English speaking and you can pay by card too if you want as well.



Excellent standard of care and facilities, been here with everything from minor ailments to broken bones and simple surgeries. Cannot fault them.



Polite and efficient receptionists. Well equipped World class Family Medical Practice staffed with Medical Professionals from around the globe...and more.



Dear Dr. Pedro – I would like to thank you for your professionalism and efficiency and that of your team this morning at the clinic in D1, from the moment I stepped into the clinic, while I was being examined and then tested by the nurse, for the final diagnostic and recommendations, and for the checkout downstairs. It is never pleasant to go to see a doctor, you and your team makes it easier.



Dear Dr. Gradstein,

Thank you so much for your dedication to excellence! I'm extremely satisfied with thequality of care I received from you and your staff.



Dear Dr. Serge,


Am very glad to hear the result. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for assuring me and keeping me confident in the tough times. As I told I will not test furthur and move on with my life !







Dear Dr Miguel,


I would just like to say a huge thank you on behalf of the students and my colleagues for the presentations today. The feedback has been excellent – you delivered the presentations exactly as I hoped and you have started a conversation which we aim to build on over the course of the next year and beyond through our Wellbeing curriculum. I have already observed one wellbeing lesson this afternoon in which the teacher was heard to say to pupils “Dr Miguel said…” - clearly your talks have had an immediate impact.


I look forward to working with you and your colleagues at FMP on further talks and hope this is the start of a hugely positive relationship in supporting our students wellbeing.


Kind regards



Dear District 2 Medical,


I would just like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Dr Sergio for his professionalism and assistance. He has taken the time to explain in detail what are the issues and what I may expect in the way of treatment. The potential for spinal surgery (whether this will be required or not) is a scary thought for most people, but Dr Sergio took the time to explain in detail and make recommendations for treatment. I come from a medical system in Australia that most Doctors focus on volume and not quality of service to the patient. I will be recommending Dr Sergio and the D2 medical team to my colleagues.


Thanks again


I have lived in HCMC for a long time, and my family uses Family Medical Practice as a first choice. It can honestly be difficult to find quality health care in Vietnam, and when I go to FMP I know I will be seen by a highly trained foreign or local doctor, be taken care of by qualified and caring nurses and get results that I can trust from the lab. The facilities are to international standards, well organized and managed, all of which cannot be said for many clinics or hospitals in Vietnam. They also have a state of the art fleet of ambulances, on par or better than those seen in my home country and vastly above Vietnamese ambulances, which are basically vans with maybe some bandages and an I.V. Whether you're traveling through or living in Vietnam, I highly recommend their services. You can find the list of doctors, their specialties and their education and work experiences on the website, which is helpful. Also, I can often get same-day or very quick appointments, although they're open 24 hours so you can always see someone no matter what time it is for emergencies. While prices aren't as cheap as some local hospitals/clinics, they're still reasonable and they take some insurance plans. In Vietnam it's a big risk to look for the cheapest's not worth it for me, I'd rather have confidence in my care.



I try to avoid posting things on FB but today I’ll use it as a platform to give credit where credit is due. Last Thursday night while doing some work at home on my computer I started to feel a bit feverish. After midnight I closed the laptop, took an Efferalgan and went to bed. The next few hours turned into a nightmare and by 7 am my fever had reached 41,6 C (107F). I was rushed to the nearest clinic Family Medical Practice Vietnam (FMP) where I spent a few hours before being transferred to the main branch. While all tests were coming out just fine and no one was sure what was going on Dr. Serge Gradstein and his team did everything to make sure I get better, trying for hours to lower my body temperature and raise my extremely low blood pressure and all of this was done in the most carrying of ways. I’m SO VERY IMPRESSED by and GRATEFUL for the care I received. In the early hours on Friday morning I was truly scared, feeling I was with one foot in the grave, hallucinating and not being able to make sense of what was going on. Once again I was proven I’m luckiest person out there for I have the best friends I can ask for. And again: Thank You FMP and specifically Dr. Serge Gradstein for the amazing care. I feel I’m forever indebted to all of you. This whole experience proved once more something that I’ve been saying for years. My friends really do represent the finest of what human kind can offer.


P.S. I’m safe and sound at home, like nothing ever happened.



Very clean and comfortable hospital.

I get there because I burned my leg while getting of a motorcycle. The doctor was very friendly and took his time to explain what's going on with my leg and why it react the way it does and what to do. After this they cleaned my wound and made a bandage around it. The Vietnamese assistance was also very friendly, he always asked the main doctor whether it's a good idea to give me some more bandages and such a liquid for killing bacteria, so that I can keep the wound clean at home. He explained me very well how to use it. And I got these few things for free(or maybe included in the fee? But it's not listed on the bill). They speak many languages and their English is very good. There is even a German speaking doctor. I end up paying 127US$ for treatment and the Cream. A little pricey but overall it's ok. The waiting time was really short. After filling out a form, it took about 5-10 minutes until it was my turn.

From: K_
Re: Dr. Masato Okuda

Hello, everyone.

I'm K_. Thank you for your kindness while I was staying your clinic on August 7,9 ~10. Now I'm recovering and so fine. I never forget you & this travel in HCMC. Especially, special thanks to Dr. Okuda & the night nurse - Mark.

See you, Best regards,
K_ from Kobe, Japan

From: Robyn
Re: Dr. Jonathan Halevy


Dr Jonathan is the best doctor I've seen so far. He's based at FMP in D1 and is wonderful with my boys.... always friendly, helpful and kind.

From: Matthew Kam

Re: FMP Danang


Hello everyone in the Danang medical center!  

First of all, Dennis and I want to thank the whole staff from the bottom of our hearts for taking us in and caring for both Dennis and me during a very difficult time.  Even though Dennis was going through a lot of pain and the both of us were going through a lot of stress, we are pleasantly grateful for your kindness and your professionalism. 


On behalf of Dennis and myself, I want to thank Dr. Chris Suazon and his medical staff for being very attentive to Dennis’s needs. I definitely want to thank Maverick and especially Hang (Theresa) for being VERY patient with Dennis when he did not quite behave himself. I wish I caught the names of the other nurses and staff to thank them individually. 


I personally want to also thank Binh and her administrative staff for being patient with me as we prepared for our return home. I was often confused about the process partially due to the stress and not being prepared to handle a situation like this, but Binh and the staff made sure that I understood exactly what was going on and that everything was in proper order. Again, I wish I could thank everyone in your staff by name. 

And thank you to Dr. Chris and Mark from Saigon for accompanying us on the trip back home. It seems to me that everything went smoothly. I hope that they both got a restful and enjoyable stay in Hawaii. 

As for Dennis’s progress, we arrived in Honolulu on Friday, 11/17 and he had the surgery the next morning. My understanding is that they implanted a metal plate and didn’t have to do a replacement. After spending a few days in the hospital, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center. Since the day after surgery, he’s been doing some walking with the assistance of a walker and walking longer distances each day. He’s still in bed most of the day, but he still tries to come out of the bed without the nurses knowing. (In fact, the nurses reported to me that he got out of bed last night without assistance, and he set off an alarm which caused the nurses to panic. Luckily he was still standing when the nurses found him.)  He may be able to return home in a few days. 

We both talk about and sometimes laugh about our trip. He actually remembers most of his hallucinations like standing on the ledge or having his old friends visit him while we were in Vietnam and knows that they weren’t real. Psychologically, he is pretty close to normal, except he still sees things once in a while. 

I don’t think Dennis will be traveling much in the future, but I definitely would like to visit Vietnam again and resume my trip from where we left off. I would like to understand more about your beautiful country and people. I just need to become brave enough to cross the streets. 

Best success to everyone at the Danang Family Medical Practice and again we thank you for being a safe haven for us foreigners traveling through your beautiful country. 

Matthew Kam

From: Dr. M_
Re: Dr. Pedro L. Trigo

Dr. Pedro is an EXCELLENT Doctor - kind professional, thoughtful, uses clear explanations and seeks to help the patient in an individual and compassionate way.,

From: SIC (Saigon International College)
Re: Dr. Jonathan Halevy


Good evening,


I know that I thanked both you and Jonathan today for your visit and the superb lecture, but I do want to stress how much we appreciate your contribution to the students' understanding and intellectual development.


Jonathan's pedagogic approach of posing challenging ideas and questions, works really well. The kids have to think - very honestly - which they're not always asked to do in the Viet system. We try to work that way at SIC, and to have re-inforcement from a visiting expert is terrific.


Please convey my appreciation to Jonathan - I don't have his email.


Our best wishes to you!

From: A Patient visited FMP on May 15th, 2015



I only wish the medical care I get in the USA was as great as the care I got here.

From: Korean Association
Re: FMP Nursing Station


Thank FMP for supporting our event. Your devotional support was quite helpful for making wonderful Korean Event.


Event profits were donated to Korean people and Korean organization which are in financial difficulty.
We ask for your continuous interest and affection. Thank you.

From: R_
Re: Dr. Jane Shadwell-Li

Dear Dr. Jane Li,

Thank you so much for all you did for Anders and I. We both really appreciate it. We are currently on our way to Hanoi, and then home. Without your generosity, things would have been very different.


Thanks! - R_.