Family Medical Practice and the Embassy of Israel on Humanitarian Mission to Kon Tum
Family Medical Practice and the Embassy of Israel
on Humanitarian Mission to Kon Tum

Family Medical Practice decided this year to engage in our third humanitarian mission to rural Vietnam, working with the Embassy of Israel to contribute a combined $300,000 in medical care and equipment, household supplies, and other charitable assistance to the impoverished communities of Kon Tum, one of the remotest parts of Vietnam.

After setting up base in nearby Mang Den, we dispatched medical teams consisting of doctors, nurses and helpers every day to small and remote minority communities around the province, where we performed health checks and a delivered a wide variety of other treatments. We shared clothing and daily supplies among villagers. We also delivered an ultrasound machine worth over $70,000 to the Medical Station of Kon Plong District. Additionally, we in corporation with the Embassy of Israel dug wells to serve both the local commune and the kindergarten of the Hieu commune, and repainted the Mang But secondary school. With the help of our contributors, we delivered charitable support to nine sizeable communities in Kon Plong. Figures provided to me by the Embassy of Israel reported that over 8,300 people in need were provided with excellent medical care and treatments, and that around 3,500 families were given food and clothing.

I would like to personally thank the members of our team at Family Medical Practice who gave their time and efforts to make this possible, as well as for the dedication and cooperation of both the Embassy of Israel and the Vietnam Fatherland Front of Kon Tum Province. I am also particularly grateful for the generosity of the general public who donated their resources to our mission. Your assistance has made a great impact on the lives of the people of the Vietnamese Highlands, and it has brought them both relief and hope.
We invite you to view OUR NEWSLETTER to see the results of your kind contributions.

Dr. Rafi Kot
General Director
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