Family Medical Practice received the license for the Carmel Hospital in HCMC
FMP%20hospital.jpgFamily Medical Practice, the largest foreign owned multi-disciplinary medical provider in Vietnam, this week received their license for the Carmel Hospital which will be located in the new urban area of District 2. The Carmel hospital will be owned and managed by Family Medical Practice.

The hospital will deal with morbidity issues which are relevant to both the Vietnamese and Expatriate populations. The hospital will focus on day procedures and turnover rather than mass bed hospitalization.

Dr. Kot adds  “The face of medicine today is changing dramatically leaning heavily towards prevention and periodic examinations. The profile of the leading medical disciplines is also changing and issues of rehab are becoming stronger than ever. We are seeing a dramatic increase in diseases of societies in transitional phases and we are looking to focus on these challenges.”


The hospital will be open in 2016.

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