Family Medical Practice's SIMBA Group on Charity Trip to Te Phan Family Orphanage

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HCMC—In November 2016, Family Medical Practice’s Saigon International Mother and Baby Association (SIMBA) announced to mothers at its gatherings that it was seeking a local orphanage to receive the VND15.5m in profit it earned between March and December in that year. Following the enthusiastic support of parents, a private orphanage located in a small alley in District 3 named Te Phan Family was identified and selected.

Founded in 1985, Te Phan Family provides shelter for over 70 orphans. Most of the children there are disabled or suffer from mental illness, while others have been abandoned by teenage parents following accidental pregnancies. The leader of TPF is Sister Thu, a nurse who has dedicated her life to taking care of these unfortunate children.


Although their circumstances are tragic, the fact that they are well-raised provides reason enough for hope. The children follow a fixed schedule every day, waking up and going to church at 5 am before having breakfast. While some of them go to school, the others who are not able to attend stay at home to be tutored by Sister Thu herself. On some days during the week, a volunteer visits Te Phan Family to teach the children English. Visitors often note that despite their misfortunes, the children still have beautiful smiles and seem to enjoy their lives.




Using the SIMBA donation, FMP pediatrician Dr. Agnes went shopping for necessities to present to the orphanage as follows:


– 5 large packs of children’s diapers

– 24 packs of adult diapers

– 8 packs of underpad 

– 72 bars of soap

– 10 bottles of shampoo

– 48 boxes of powdered milk

– Over 350 boxes of milk

– 70 gift bags for children, including: custard pies, cookies, jelly, soft candies, balloons, etc

– 2 big packs of toothbrushes

– Basic medicines such as cough syrup, cough medicines, efferalgan, etc


On December 20th right before Christmas, representatives of Family Medical Practice made a short but very exciting trip to the orphanage to deliver these necessities to the children, presenting them with their small gift bags. There was much talking, laughter, and good cheer.


Family Medical Practice Viet Nam Family Medical Practice Viet Nam


Family Medical Practice wishes to thank Smartkids Vietnam and AIS for their cooperation throughout the year to create playful activities for SIMBA parents and children, as well as to all SIMBA families for joining meet ups and making donations at each and every session. It is heartening to to know that all funding earned has been put to a meaningful purpose.




Saigon International Mothers and Babies Association (SIMBA) is a service of Family Medical Practice Vietnam, run by resident pediatrician Dr. Agnes Viay and held to discuss a wide range of baby health care issues.