[HCM] Dr. Jonathan's "Nutrition and Healthy Eating" Talk at BVIS
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On Wednesday, January 13th, 2016, Dr. Jonathan Halevy gave an interesting health talk to 60 secondary students of British Vietnamese International School (BVIS) about "Nutrition and Healthy Eating".
Nowadays, people, especially teenagers, usually eat whatever they want and are not concerned about whether their daily meal has enough nutrition and how it affects their health. As a consequence, this might lead to various kinds of disease. For example, if you eat a lot of fat, it will lead to obesity, high blood pressure, etc.
By providing the health talk, Dr. Jonathan in particular, and Family Medical Practice in general, wants to raise awareness of students about the importance of nutrition on their body, and how to have a healthy life. Maintaining a balanced diet with more whole-grain, bread and cereal, fruits and vegetables; exercise regularly to stay in shape and don't ever skip breakfast are some of the useful and easy tips to keep you strong and healthy.

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