[HCMC] Health Talk: The Impact of Alcohol on Mental Health

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Saigon’s relationship with alcohol

alcohol abuse


Alcohol is an ever-present element of life in Ho Chi Minh City. But how much is too much⁉️

While in many major cities, alcoholism is a highly visible concern, residents of Saigon often experience issues with alcohol as an encroaching and insidious habit that can have a cumulative impact on mental health.

Alcohol affects relationships; it can affect your parenting and your sex life, as well as your appearance. It can influence your work performance, and it is also linked with a number of types of cancer, liver disease, and heart disease. All of these factors can have a detrimental effect on your mental states.

JOIN Dr. Miguel de Seixas on the impact of alcohol on mental health


Time: 10:00 am | Date: March 30th, 2018

Venue: District 2 Clinic

95 Thao Dien Street, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam



The presentation will take half an hour, questions are welcome during and after the presentation in public or private.

RSVP to marketing@vietnammedicalpractice.com or call us on (028) 3822 7848.

Light refreshments provided. Space is limited, so please register your attendance early.



Dr. Miguel de Seixas

Dr. Miguel de Seixas


Dr. Miguel is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists who studied in Portugal and the UK. Over the years, Dr. Miguel has treated people suffering from depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, and those who have been diagnosed with mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and schizophrenia.


Dr. Miguel was a founding member of the Sustainability Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and was a clinical teacher and undergraduate tutor for medical students in the School of Clinical Medicine of the University of Cambridge until his arrival at Family Medical Practice.


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