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Dr. Jonathan Halevy today delivered a presentation to 90 students at  Saigon International College on 'Making Healthy Life Choices'.

The students are at that time of their lives when they are faced with many difficult choices and can be affected by peer pressure. Dr. Jonathan advised the students on how to make the best choices relating to smoking, drugs and safe sex.

The students had a lot of questions which they had not had an opportunity to ask anyone and were delighted to have a chance to be open and honest about their concerns.

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We also received a thank you message from SIC:

"Good evening,

I know that I thanked both you and Jonathan today for your visit and the superb lecture, but I do want to stress how much we appreciate your contribution to the students' understanding and intellectual development.

Jonathan's pedagogic approach of posing challenging ideas and questions, works really well. The kids have to think - very honestly - which they're not always asked to do in the Viet system. We try to work that way at SIC, and to have re-inforcement from a visiting expert is terrific.

Please convey my appreciation to Jonathan - I don't have his email.

Our best wishes to you!"