Outpatient Care - Danang

Family Medical Practice’s outpatient departments are the heart of all our medical centers.

Sometimes called ambulatory care, outpatient care refers to medical attention (or the administration of treatment) given without requiring an overnight stay in the medical center. It encompasses specialist investigations as well as routine services such as physical checkups and clinical evaluation.

Complicated procedures such as minor surgeries without general anesthetic are also considered to be outpatient care, provided that the treatment is completed within the course of a day. Rehabilitative care also counts among outpatient services.

While our primary outpatient service focus has always been on pediatric and adult care, we also offer a range of other specialist services.

To understand more about which specialist services are offered at each medical center, please contact our reception at your nearest medical center.


Please check your insurance contract to ensure that you are covered for outpatient care and understand the limitations of your policy. This should be specifically identified in your insurance contract, outlining your cost obligations.