Walking Blood Bank

Patients with a rare blood type are encouraged to enlist for our walking blood bank, a registry maintained by our lab. Those on the list serve as mutual protection from accidental injury where blood may be needed that is not otherwise available in Vietnam.

Volunteer donors on the registry will not be expected to donate blood immediately—they will be contacted if an emergency donation is needed. The donor will then be escorted to a local blood transfusion hospital trusted to follow safe hygienic practices to give blood. All blood donations are screened for serious transmissible infectious diseases to protect patients.

To register for our walking blood bank, call (028) 3822 7848, email hcmc@vietnammedicalpractice.com or visit one of the medical centers. You will be given a free blood group test and asked to complete a registration and permission form.

Blood types needed are AB Rh Negative, A Rh negative, B Rh negative, and O Rh negative.