COVID-19 Talk at Puma

As one of FMP’s many approaches to raise public awareness on COVID-19, internist Dr. Pedro L. Trigo recently presented a talk on the virus’ origin, spread, and status as an epidemic at Puma Vietnam office.

More than 60 Puma staff engaged with Dr. Pedro on pressing concerns regarding new emerging cases in Vietnam; preventive measures and controls that are and should be in place; as well how to recognize symptoms and what tests and medical facilities are available at hand.

Dr. Pedro explained the complexity of COVID-19 and compared it with SARS and MERS—the two types of coronavirus that have affected humans on a large epidemic scale in the recent past. With time, as we have witnessed with China’s alarming numbers of cases and deaths at its peak, to its recovery now underway, we will see a similar pattern emerge in other epicenters currently being hard hit by the virus. Dr. Pedro reminded the audience to continue practicing daily hygiene; to avoid crowded places if possible; and to wash their hands often as well as wear masks when one is sick so as to not spread any infection to others.

At the end of the talk, Dr. Pedro emphasized the importance of staying abreast of good quality information from reliable sources and to be able to understand the differences between facts and fiction—as there are many widespread rumors and incorrect information being spread on the internet.