Covid-19 Talk in Marubeni and Mitsubishi

Dr. Hung engaged with over 40 audiences at the offices of Marubeni and Mitsubishi this week to provide news and updates on the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also explained the necessary actions that governments have had to take globally to mitigate the spread of the fast spreading virus and how our government in Vietnam is pro-actively taking actions at its best to further contain the spread and transmissions by tightening borders, restricting travels, and quarantining those returning from affected countries.

Dr. Hung reminded audiences to keep practicing daily hygiene; wear masks when in public places (as imposed by the government on March 16th); avoid social gatherings and instead, to try social distancing as much as possible especially during such uncertain times.

Many raised questions concerning transmissions, nutrition to stay healthy and keep immune system strong, and availability of vaccinations.

With so much fear and panic surrounding our daily lives, Family Medical Practice will continue to keep the community updated with current, trustful news and updates on the pandemic and on how we could all join efforts to protect ourselves and our families to mitigate the spread of the virus.