According to the Hanoi Department of Health, the covid situation in the city continues to hit new peaks day after day, which bears a huge burden on the public medical facilities. New Government regulations mean that many individuals that test Covid positive must quarantine themselves at home.

Being isolated at home may cause a battle with stress, anxiety and depression. Also, access to adequate medical assistance is needed in the event that symptoms worsen during the quarantine period

Therefore, at FMP, we have created a bespoke F0 package service to treat COVID-19 positive patients under quarantine at home.

1. Who is applicable for COVID-19 F0 Service

The COVID-19 F0 service is suitable and applicable for patients who are approved for home isolation by the Department of Health

  • According to the Department of Health, the patients have to meet below clinical criteria:
  • No symptoms or mild clinical symptoms (no respiratory failure: Spo2 ≥ 96% when breathing, respiratory rate ≤ 20 breaths/min).
  • People with no underlying disease, pregnant or obese. For cases that do not meet these conditions, they can still be considered to get treated at home if they have a stable underlying disease. Also, the patient must have been vaccinated with at least 1 dose, 14 days before testing positive.
  • Capable of self-care, know how to measure body temperature; able to self-medicate according to a doctor's prescription; able to contact medical staff to be monitored. In case F0 is a child or a person who cannot take care of themselves, a caregiver is required.
  • Regarding patient’s family, there are no people in the risk group including: elderly, people with underlying diseases, obese, pregnant...).

2. What does the COVID-19 F0 service include?

There will be 2 packages for 2 groups of patients as following:

Group 1: For patient with Mild symptoms or asymptomatic

Group 2: For patient with Mild symptoms, has pre-existing conditions or above 60 years old

For both groups, all of the below are included in the service:

  • Supply of devices for self-monitoring at home (the “Medical Devices”)
  • Finger pulse - oximeter (pulse and blood oxygen levels)
  • Thermometer
  • Daily phone or video consultation with FMP Doctor
  • Quick antigen test on day 5 (self-test)
  • Subject to Patient’s condition, PCR test on day 7 and additional test on day 10 (if day 7 test is positive)
  • Free delivery of medication (Medication fee is still applied)
  • 24/7 Medical Assistance for up to 10 days tracking of the service

In addition, for group 2, we will conduct a blood test on day 3 to diagnose blood clotting, diabetes, the function of kidney, liver & heart.

3. COVID-19 F0 Service Q&A

Does FMP guarantee the hospital when the situation of an F0 deteriorates and needs to be admitted to the hospital?

In the event that the F0 patient develops severe symptoms, the local Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in their district should be contacted. They will then make a decision on which hospital the patient should be sent to. An ambulance transfer can only be arranged if an ambulance is available at the time and if the patient has confirmation from the CDC that the chosen hospital will accept them. The ambulance transfer will be subject to additional fee.

If Patient deteriorates and is moved to a hospital earlier than the end of the 10 days monitoring - Does FMP refund the remaining amount?


  • In case the patient moves to the isolation area / hospital, the service package “COVID F0 Service” automatically expires.
  • The package is non-cancellable and non-refundable

Can the patient use the ambulance service of FMP?

For any emergency, patients can call 024.3843.01748 ext 115 for Emergency Service. Based on the condition of the patient, an ambulance may be dispatched, however this is mostly reserved for ALL OTHER EMERGENCIES EXCEPT COVID. There are designated cars for different emergencies in order to prevent possible cross contamination.

The COVID F0 Service does not include pre-booking of Ambulance and Hospital transfer services. In the event that such services are needed due to the condition of the patient who has purchased the package, Ambulance service may be provided subject to Ambulance availability and availability of Hospital.

Does FMP have special prices for a company or a group?

Our rates are per person. No corporate or group rates are available but we can create a corporate contact for companies that wish to be able to be invoiced for the F0 services.

If you are an employee at a company that is interested in the F0 Package for your staff then please fill in the form in the link below and someone will be in contact.

Can I book the service in advance?

The Service is provided on a First come, first serve. Unfortunately, due to the increasing demand and limited resources we cannot accept pre-booking or reservations.

Can a medical team come to collect the PCR sample if the area of the patient is locked down?


When do I need COVID-19 F0 service?

In case you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 infection and are staying at home with no or mild symptoms, this service is designed for you.

COVID F0 SERVICE is a home support service, through remote monitoring, of patients with confirmed or possible COVID-19 (FO or F1 staying at the same house with F0) only in the event that such Patients are allowed to stay at home by the competent authorities, and throughout the duration of staying at home.

What can a patient do if the local CDC instructs F0 or F1 to go to the camp/or hospital within the 10 days of service?

Patients must comply with CDC instructions. The F0 service will be terminated, however, unfortunately the fee is non-refundable. FMP will alert the embassy or consulate in case the F0 is a foreigner.

Does my medical insurance cover the Covid-19 F0 package?

Medical insurance will not cover the F0 package.

Therefore, F0 patients with insurance will receive the pulse-oximeter, thermometer and antigen test kit (for use at home on day 5) on day 1 and then will be charged per phone or online consultation over 10 days.

Direct billing process will follow your insurance’s requirements. Some insurances like Aetna/ Cigna Insurance will waive paperwork.. With other insurance companies, a full claim set is required. These Patients will only need to sign insurance claim documents following the end of their home quarantine period.

How can I register and how can I pay?

Please click the link to fill the F0 patient form. A member of our dedicated F0 patient team will then call you to organise the first phone or online consultation with a doctor and organise delivery of the thermometer and finger pulse - oximeter.

You can also register by calling Please call (024) 3843 0748 ext 118.

Payment method: Bank transfer.


SO TK: 001.100.4383622


Transfer Content: Pay for F0 Covid package

For more information and registration, please call (024) 3843 0748 ext 118

4. Limitation of FMP's liability in this service package

  • FMP only provides support services, helping people who are isolated at home know how to monitor signs and symptoms, offer advice to ensure the safety of other people living in the house and answer general questions during the period of isolation at home.
  • We do not treat COVID-19 as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Do not interfere with medical requirements, appointed tests according to regulations and any declarations issued by the Ministry of Health and the local preventive medicine agency.